Music Got You Movin (Exclusive Watergate Edit)

artist: Je Dàvu
title: Music Got You Movin (Exclusive Watergate Edit)
label: Watergate Records 2009
catalog: WG004
format: CD Compilation Mixed & Digital

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Sebo K is set to be the fourth DJ to compile a commercial mix for Berlin’s Watergate club.

Beginning with an exclusive intro track from dOP, the mix quickly takes off from their atmospheric arpeggios into smooth US deep house from Rick Wade, Mood II Swing and Patrice Scott, while there are plenty of techier European selections from the likes of Blagger and Agnès. While none of the tracks used are exclusive to the release, Sebo has been taking the knife to cuts by Martyn, Rndm and Je Davu, carving out unique versions of the tracks to suit the vibe of the mix.