House... U Wanna Play (Don Melon's Warehouse Dub)

artist: newhsoul
title: house... u wanna play (don melon's warehouse dub)
label: house rules 2006
catalog: RULE4
format: 12" vinyl only

rushhour juno discogs preview

once again, newhsoul offers a joy ride along the time space continuum with their latest release houseu wanna play? j. loverman and freamon b. von chavous deliver an unusual but familiar and inviting twist on the notion of a dance floor anthem. houseu wanna play? reminds us of a time or a place or something that we just can’t place our finger on as we fall into the groove and twirl about until we can figure it out. dj’s eric de mann, don melon and bootleg bitches add further fuel to house u wanna play? by supplying remarkable interpretations of the track to the home team newhsoul.